Fish Feed & Nutrition Workshop, September 11-14th

This workshop is an industry-focused event that takes place every other year in various locations across North America. The workshop is designed to provide a forum for discussion similar to the larger International Symposium on Fish Nutrition and Feeding but with a focus on fish feed and nutrition activities in Canada, Mexico and the USA. The schedule includes presentations on basic and applied topics while leaving plenty of time for interactions and healthy debates (conflicting viewpoints are recognized as passionate engagement!). The workshop is designed to provide a casual atmosphere with only one room and one talk at a time.  The agenda covers current challenges that the industry is facing, reviews key research focus areas and offer creative solutions and opportunities to the challenges ahead.

New this year is a roundtable discussion on:

  • The needs for standardization of nutrition research methods
  • Public perception of aquaculture feeds and ingredients

Contact us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and speaking opportunities: André Dumas, Fish Feed and Nutrition Workshop Global Conference Coordinator at (902) 687-1245 or by email:

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